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Broadband Low Power Splitters / Combiners • 50-960MHz

Fiplex DRS Series of low power splitters / combiners are broadband passive devices designed in a Wilkinson configuration. These broadband devices provide balanced power distribution in the 50 to 960 MHz range…

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Broadband Power Splitters • 698-2700 MHz

Product features
* Passive devices designed in a multistage Wilkinson configuration.
* Low insertion loss.
* Low VSWR ripple across the working frequency range.
* Two, three and four output ports models available as standard, others available upon request.
* Power input is 50W as splitter, and 1W as combiner, other values available upon request.

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High Power Coaxial Splitters • 136-2700 MHz

Product features
* Splitters designed in a coaxial configuration
* Two, three and four output ports models available
* N and DIN 7/16 type connectors as standard, other types available upon request
* Power handling capability up to 500W (CW)

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