High Power Coaxial Splitters • 136-2700 MHz

High Power Coaxial Splitters • 136-2700 MHz



Type Coaxial Splitter

Frequency range 136 – 2700 MHz

Datasheet SC047



PSC Series:

PSC2-A2               PSC3-A2  
PSC4-A2    PSC2-AB2   
PSC3-AB2    PSC4-AB2   
PSC2-B2    PSC3-B2   
PSC4-B2    PSC2-W2   
PSC3-W2    PSC4-W2   
PSC2-W8   PSC3-W8   
DOWNLOAD DATASHEET: High Power Coaxial Splitters


Product features

Fiplex PSC Series of power splitters are passive devices designed in a coaxial configuration.

Two, three and four output ports models available.

N and DIN 7/16 type connectors as standard, other types available upon request.

Power handling capability up to 500W (CW).


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