Engineering Services

Engineering Services

Fiplex is not just another manufacturing company.

Our engineers and technicians are highly experienced professionals that not only put all their know-how in research and development, but, furthermore, they advise our clients for their advantage and improvement of their telecommunications.

Fiplex engineers have successfully designed and implemented wireless coverage solutions in United States, Spain, Argentina and Brazil.

We deliver from Design up to Turnkey Projects.


Coverage System Design

Fiplex offers three tier levels of design:

Basic Antenna Position Design

Basic antenna location, and Rough Order of Magnitude Bill of Materials

Preliminary Design

Includes iBwave simulation, suggested locations for passive and active devices and ROM BOM.

Full Design

On-site survey, enhanced iBwave simulation, channel interference analysis, detailed equipment location information and detailed BOM.


Full Turnkey


Site Survey

Fiplex performs a coverage analysis to establish current situation of the indoor / outdoor scenario.

  • Building structural data, RF signal levels, base stations data and terrain information are gathered using state of the art equipment and software.
  • This information is the basis for a detailed and tailored system design.
  • Available for Indoor / Outdoor and complex mixed environments.


Coverage System Design

For Full Turnkey projects, a Full Coverage System Design is performed.

  • On-site survey
  • Enhanced iBwave simulation
  • Channel interference analysis
  • Detailed equipment location information
  • Detailed BOM


Installation & Commissioning

  • Highly skilled crew installs and verifies the operation of all equipment and communications coverage system.
  • Specialist knowledge and equipment is required to commission products and verify the correct operation of the entire system.


Performance Validation & Optimization

  • Comparative performance analysis among different carriers covering the same area.
  • Walk and Drive test for Indoor / Outdoor coverage measurement.
  • KPIs analysis.
  • System testing and inspection to detect any coverage insufficiency.
  • Carrier acceptance test procedure.


Technical Training

Fiplex Engineers can develop individual or group training courses for installation and operation teams:

  • Fiplex products installation
  • DAS system installation
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Trouble shooting

Training courses can be tailored to meet customer individual circumstances.


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