DC Injectors

DC Injectors



Type DC Injectors

Frequency range 136 – 520 MHz

Datasheet TM003



DCI Series

DCI-080DP              DCI-080NP  




Product features

Fiplex DCI Series are low loss high performance DC injectors, intended to be used when DC power must be coupled to a RF coaxial transmission line.

P Sub-series are used when high power RF signals are present in the coaxial line, up to 500W CW. This sub-series has a DC only built-in lighting protection, employing gas discharger tubes (10kA, 8/20uS – 10 x’s).

L Sub-series are small, low cost units intended to be used when small RF signals are present in the coaxial line (<10W).

O Sub-series are weatherproof resistant DC injectors, designed for outdoor applications (IP65).

RF connectors are N and DIN 7/16 types.


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