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Fiplex indoor and outdoor coverage extension solutions are designed to satisfy the rigorous demand for providing service in areas outside the reach of the base stations be that voice communications, data and wireless internet. 

Thanks to the modular philosophy of the design, the Fiplex coverage extension solutions allow for the ability to provide services from one operator and in one band to multiple operators using diverse bands, covering needs from FM to LTE, permitting the coexistence of differing technologies simultaneously, without any quality of service degradation.



• Bandwidth Adjustable Signal Boosters – VHF and UHF

• Band Selective Dual Sub Band Signal Boosters – VHF and UHF

• Public Safety Bandwidth Adjustable Signal Boosters – 700 and 800MHz

• Public Safety Dual Band Bandwidth Adjustable Signal Boosters 700 and 800MHz

• Public Safety Ultra-Compact Signal Boosters – 700 and 800MHz

• Compact Cellular Repeaters



In highly congested communications areas, there is only one solution: Fiplex Digital Signal Boosters. This new technology:   

• reduces antenna isolation and improves coverage extension,

• optimizes spectrum use by working with the same BTS channels (Frequency received = Frequency transmitted), 

• reduces hardware and maintenance costs, as it only requires one unit to be installed at the remote site. 



Fiplex has developed a new line of Digital Simplex Signal Boosters intended to provide indoor coverage extension to radio equipment operating in SIMPLEX mode. Being channel selective, this product operation allows the handling of specific channels, up to 12 simultaneously.

A solution based on Digital Signal Processing, FPGA based, which permits a more precise operation compared with traditional analog systems. Digital Simplex Repeaters (DSR) are equipped with 4 antenna ports: Inbound in, Inbound out, Outgoing in, Outgoing out.

Furthermore, the sensitivity of these Digital Signal Boosters is user programmable per channel and per direction.



Thanks to digital signal processing technology and state of the art firmware design, Fiplex Echo Cancellation Digital Signal Boosters feature an echo cancellation functionality, which allows for an easy and simple application of the Signal Boosters as outdoor signal extenders. Echo cancellation  refers to the intelligent capability the digital Signal Booster has to understand which received signals are “feedback signals” and cancels them out, preventing the system from going into an unstable operating condition, as well as providing the highest quality of continuous service due to the non-degradation of the amplified signals.


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