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Signal Boosters: Digital, Analog and Cellular

Fiplex indoor and outdoor coverage extension solutions are designed to satisfy the rigorous demand for providing service in areas outside the reach of the base stations be that voice communications, data and wireless internet.

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Public Safety 700MHz + FirstNet Block D • Bandwidth Adjustable Signal Boosters • Class B

Product features
* IF SAW filtering, sharp filtering, outstanding out of band rejection
* Band Selective, Bandwidth adjustable by software
* US and Canada 700MHz band compatible, software adjustable
* Uplink squelch, programmable
* Antenna isolation control
* User adjustable gain control, UL and DL independent
* Automatic Gain Control
* NFPA compliant
* Weatherproof enclosure, IP67/NEMA4X

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Public Safety 700/800 MHz Signal Boosters

Brief presentation of Fiplex repeaters for Public Safety 700 and 800 MHz.
Single and Dual Band versions. SOHO applications. NFPA Compliant.

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Cellular Ultra-Compact Repeater / BDA • 698-2170 MHz

Product features
* IF SAW filtering, sharp filtering response, outstanding out of band rejection
* Alarm outputs via LEDs
* Output power meter
* User adjustable gain control, UL and DL independent
* Automatic Gain Control, UL and DL independent

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Public Safety Centric DAS

Product Features
* Digital signal processing based technology not “RF over Fiber”
* Field expandable
* No need of “Front End BDA” or “POI”, reduced infrastructure cost
* Fiber runs up to 25 miles (40 km)
* No fiber noise being transported to RF thanks to digital signal processing
* Programmable uplink squelch (per channel and time slot) for reduced UL noise contribution
* Software programmable channel selective or band selective operation, suitable for highly congested RF environments
* Centralized operation, single point of access
* AGC per channel and time slot, no Far End communication Degradation
* Same unit supports Over The Air (OTA) operation
* NFPA Compliant

* For P25 Ph1, P25 Ph2, DMR, TETRA, NXDN and Conventional Systems
* Indoor: tunnels, buildings, subways, airports, among others
* Outdoor: stadiums, canyons, dense urban areas, remote rural towns

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