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Communications today is very different than 10 years ago: phone calls, messaging, emails, social media, internet… Technology evolves every minute. However,

is your telecommunications infrastructure up to the challenge?


Fiplex DAS is the evolution of the traditional RF over Fiber (RFoF) analog DAS, that improves several limitations and application issues related to analog RFoF technology, especially when talking about Public Safety / Mission Critical communication systems, and opens a new and wide range of possibilities and security features. After years of research and development, Fiplex Engineering Team has come up with a solution that provides:

  • great flexibility for design and implementation,
  • sharper filtering masks,
  • efficient spectrum management,
  • reduced noise,
  • virtual measuring instrument implementation,
  • agile adaptation to system design changes without the need to upgrade hardware.



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Benefit from:

  • Channelized solution
  • Far End communication preservation
  • Wide dynamic range
  • Greater fiber distances
  • Gain adjustment per filter
  • No degradation of the BTS uplink sensitivity
  • Built in spectrum analyzer
  • AGC per channel and per time slot


  • Phase control and Simulcast capability
  • Built in redundancy
  • No fiber-environment noise transported to RF
  • Remote control capability
  • Adjacent channel alarms
  • Reduced inventory items
  • NFPA compliant
  • OTA Ready

Improve indoor and outdoor communications in:

  • Stadiums
  • Theaters
  • University campus
  • Hospitals
  • Corporate /Government buildings
  • Military facilities

  • Convention Centers
  • Shopping Centers
  • Subways
  • Airports
  • Parking structures


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Public Safety Centric DAS Fri, 12 Sep 2014 19:35:35 +0000


Type Public Safety Centric DAS (Distributed Antenna System)

Frequency range VHF, UHF, PS700, PS800

Datasheet BD236





DH100-M6-001 DH100-M12-001 DH100-M18-001 DH100-M24-001
DH100-M6-002 DH100-M12-002 DH100-M18-002 DH100-M24-002
DH100-M6-003 DH100-M12-003 DH100-M18-003 DH100-M24-003
DH100-M6-004 DH100-M12-004 DH100-M18-004 DH100-M24-004
DH100-M6-005 DH100-M12-005 DH100-M18-005 DH100-M24-005
DH100-M6-006 DH100-M12-006 DH100-M18-006 DH100-M24-006
DH100-M6-007 DH100-M12-007 DH100-M18-007 DH100-M24-007
DH100-M6-008 DH100-M12-008 DH100-M18-008 DH100-M24-008
DH100-M6-009 DH100-M12-009 DH100-M18-009 DH100-M24-009
DH100-M6-010 DH100-M12-010 DH100-M18-010 DH100-M24-010
DH100-M6-011 DH100-M12-011 DH100-M18-011 DH100-M24-011
DH100-M6-012 DH100-M12-012 DH100-M18-012 DH100-M24-012


DH124-R-001 DH124-R-2FO-001
DH124-R-009 DH124-R-2FO-002
DH124-R-002 DH124-R-2FO-003
DH124-R-005 DH124-R-2FO-004
DH124-R-011 DH124-R-2FO-005
DH124-R-006 DH124-R-2FO-006
DH124-R-013 DH100-M-RM-001
DH124-R-014 DH100-M-RM-002


DH400-M6-001 DH400-M12-001 DH400-M18-001 DH400-M24-001
DH400-M6-002 DH400-M12-002 DH400-M18-002 DH400-M24-002
DH400-M6-003 DH400-M12-003 DH400-M18-003 DH400-M24-003
DH400-M6-004 DH400-M12-004 DH400-M18-004 DH400-M24-004
DH400-M6-005 DH400-M12-005 DH400-M18-005 DH400-M24-005
DH400-M6-006 DH400-M12-006 DH400-M18-006 DH400-M24-006
DH400-M6-010 DH400-M12-010 DH400-M18-010 DH400-M24-010
DH400-M6-011 DH400-M12-011 DH400-M18-011 DH400-M24-011
DH400-M6-012 DH400-M12-012 DH400-M18-012 DH400-M24-012
DH400-M6-013 DH400-M12-013 DH400-M18-013 DH400-M24-013
DH400-M6-014 DH400-M12-014 DH400-M18-014 DH400-M24-014
DH400-M6-015 DH400-M12-015 DH400-M18-015 DH400-M24-015
DH400-M6-019 DH400-M12-019 DH400-M18-019 DH400-M24-019
DH400-M6-020 DH400-M12-020 DH400-M18-020 DH400-M24-020
DH400-M6-021 DH400-M12-021 DH400-M18-021 DH400-M24-021
DH400-M6-022 DH400-M12-022 DH400-M18-022 DH400-M24-022
DH400-M6-023 DH400-M12-023 DH400-M18-023 DH400-M24-023
DH400-M6-024 DH400-M12-024 DH400-M18-024 DH400-M24-024
DH400-M6-028 DH400-M12-028 DH400-M18-028 DH400-M24-028
DH400-M6-029 DH400-M12-029 DH400-M18-029 DH400-M24-029
DH400-M6-030 DH400-M12-030 DH400-M18-030 DH400-M24-030
DH400-M6-031 DH400-M12-031 DH400-M18-031 DH400-M24-031
DH400-M6-032 DH400-M12-032 DH400-M18-032 DH400-M24-032
DH400-M6-033 DH400-M12-033 DH400-M18-033 DH400-M24-033


DH437-R-201 DH437-R-213 DH437-R-225 DH437-R-237
DH437-R-202 DH437-R-214 DH437-R-226 DH437-R-238
DH437-R-203 DH437-R-215 DH437-R-227 DH437-R-239
DH437-R-207 DH437-R-219 DH437-R-231 DH437-R-243
DH437-R-208 DH437-R-220 DH437-R-232 DH437-R-244
DH437-R-209 DH437-R-221 DH437-R-233 DH437-R-245


DH700-M6-001 DH700-M12-001 DH700-M18-001 DH700-M24-001
DH700-M6-002 DH700-M12-002 DH700-M18-002 DH700-M24-002
DH700-M6-003 DH700-M12-003 DH700-M18-003 DH700-M24-003
DH700-M6-004 DH700-M12-004 DH700-M18-004 DH700-M24-004
DH700-M6-005 DH700-M12-005 DH700-M18-005 DH700-M24-005
DH700-M6-006 DH700-M12-006 DH700-M18-006 DH700-M24-006


DH737-R-001 DH737-R-2FO-001
DH737-R-002 DH737-R-2FO-002
DH737-R-003 DH737-R-2FO-003


DHS00-M6-001 DHS00-M12-001 DHS00-M18-001 DHS00-M24-001
DHS00-M6-002 DHS00-M12-002 DHS00-M18-002 DHS00-M24-002
DHS00-M6-003 DHS00-M12-003 DHS00-M18-003 DHS00-M24-003
DHS00-M6-004 DHS00-M12-004 DHS00-M18-004 DHS00-M24-004
DHS00-M6-005 DHS00-M12-005 DHS00-M18-005 DHS00-M24-005
DHS00-M6-006 DHS00-M12-006 DHS00-M18-006 DHS00-M24-006


DHS37-R-001 DHS37-R-2FO-001
DHS37-R-002 DHS37-R-2FO-002
DHS37-R-003 DHS37-R-2FO-003


DH300-M6-001 DH300-M12-001 DH300-M18-001 DH300-M24-001
DH300-M6-002 DH300-M12-002 DH300-M18-002 DH300-M24-002
DH300-M6-003 DH300-M12-003 DH300-M18-003 DH300-M24-003
DH300-M6-004 DH300-M12-004 DH300-M18-004 DH300-M24-004
DH300-M6-005 DH300-M12-005 DH300-M18-005 DH300-M24-005
DH300-M6-006 DH300-M12-006 DH300-M18-006 DH300-M24-006
DH300-M6-007 DH300-M12-007 DH300-M18-007 DH300-M24-007
DH300-M6-008 DH300-M12-008 DH300-M18-008 DH300-M24-008
DH300-M6-009 DH300-M12-009 DH300-M18-009 DH300-M24-009
DH300-M6-010 DH300-M12-010 DH300-M18-010 DH300-M24-010
DH300-M6-011 DH300-M12-011 DH300-M18-011 DH300-M24-011
DH300-M6-012 DH300-M12-012 DH300-M18-012 DH300-M24-012
DH300-M6-013 DH300-M12-013 DH300-M18-013 DH300-M24-013
DH300-M6-014 DH300-M12-014 DH300-M18-014 DH300-M24-014
DH300-M6-015 DH300-M12-015 DH300-M18-015 DH300-M24-015
DH300-M6-016 DH300-M12-016 DH300-M18-016 DH300-M24-016
DH300-M6-017 DH300-M12-017 DH300-M18-017 DH300-M24-017
DH300-M6-018 DH300-M12-018 DH300-M18-018 DH300-M24-018
DH300-M6-019 DH300-M12-019 DH300-M18-019 DH300-M24-019
DH300-M6-020 DH300-M12-020 DH300-M18-020 DH300-M24-020
DH300-M6-021 DH300-M12-021 DH300-M18-021 DH300-M24-021
DH300-M6-022 DH300-M12-022 DH300-M18-022 DH300-M24-022
DH300-M6-023 DH300-M12-023 DH300-M18-023 DH300-M24-023
DH300-M6-024 DH300-M12-024 DH300-M18-024 DH300-M24-024


DH336-R-001 DH336-R-2FO-001
DH336-R-002 DH336-R-2FO-002
DH336-R-003 DH336-R-2FO-003
DH336-R-007 DH336-R-2FO-007
DH336-R-008 DH336-R-2FO-008
DH336-R-009 DH336-R-2FO-009
DH336-R-013 DH336-R-2FO-013
DH336-R-014 DH336-R-2FO-014
DH336-R-015 DH336-R-2FO-015
DH336-R-019 DH336-R-2FO-019
DH336-R-020 DH336-R-2FO-020
DH336-R-021 DH336-R-2FO-021
DH336-R-025 DH336-R-2FO-025
DH336-R-026 DH336-R-2FO-026
DH336-R-027 DH336-R-2FO-027


DAS Series Features

  • Digital signal processing based technology not “RF over Fiber”
  • Field expandable
  • No need of “Front End BDA” or “POI”, reduced infrastructure cost
  • Fiber runs up to 25 miles (40 km)
  • No fiber noise being transported to RF thanks to digital signal processing
  • Programmable uplink squelch (per channel and time slot) for reduced UL noise contribution
  • Software programmable channel selective or band selective operation, suitable for highly congested RF environments
  • Centralized operation, single point of access
  • AGC per channel and time slot, no Far End communication Degradation
  • The same unit supports Over The Air (OTA) operation
  • NFPA Compliant



  • For P25 Ph1, P25 Ph2, DMR, TETRA, NXDN and Conventional Systems
  • Indoor: tunnels, buildings, subways, airports, among others
  • Outdoor: stadiums, canyons, dense urban areas, remote rural towns


Made in USA

For technical inquiries, please contact Fiplex technical support team.

For quotes, please complete our form, or send us an email to

RF Fiber Optic Link • 50-2400 MHz Tue, 17 Nov 2015 18:51:22 +0000  


Type: Fiber optic 

Frequency range: 50 – 2400 MHz 

Datasheet: BD107







Product features

  • WDM: Uplink and Downlink transmission in different wavelengths with built-in WDM for single fiber optic operation.
  • RS-232 Interface: Allows signaling and alarm report over a very friendly interface.
  • Note: Fiber Optic link for outdoor operation (IP65 enclosure), and for 19” rack mount are optional.


For technical inquiries, please contact Fiplex technical support team.

For quotes, please complete our form, or send us an email to