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Fiplex products • Overview

Fiplex commitment is to deliver highly reliable, quality products. Through our constant R&D, we have a reputation of producing unique solutions, and quickly responding to your custom requests when needed.
This presentation gives you a quick overview through Fiplex products and solutions.

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Digital Signal Boosters

The use of digital signal processing technology provides the traditional RF repeaters with several features that increase their feature set and benefits:
* built-in spectrum analyzers for a more efficient and simple system setup and operation,
* squelch capability compatible with analog and digital formats under a per-time slot and per-channel use,
* multiple different filter shapes selection in order to meet the requirements of different RF congested scenarios.

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Broadcast products

Fiplex has a complete line of products dedicated to providing solutions to traditional Broadcast, both FM and TV, and the new Digital TV market, capable of managing power of up to 50 Kilowatts…

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