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Band Pass-Band Reject Base Station Duplexers • 136-960 MHz

Product features
* Duplexers intended to be used in high power applications, or when there is small Tx-Rx separation.
* Around the pass frequencies, these duplexers display a quasi band pass response, providing an additional selectivity that protects the receiver against interferences and reduces the noise and spurious emission of the transmitter.
* Good thermal stability is obtained by a fine design an by the use of INVAR rods to control the tuning of each resonator.
* Supplied with mounting brackets for 19″ racks.
* Standard connectors are N female.

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RF Loads / Terminations • 1-1000 MHz

Fiplex LD Series of RF Loads / Terminations are passive devices designed in a coaxial configuration. Nominal impedance is 50 ohms, with 1.10:1 max VSWR over the 1-1000MHz range…

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