Mobile Band Reject Duplexers • Helical Type • 136-520 MHz

Mobile Band Reject Duplexers • Helical Type • 136-520 MHz



Type Mobile Duplexers

Frequency range 136 – 520 MHz

Datasheet TW001



DHL1533A1N              DHL1533A2N  
DHL1533A3N    DHL1533B1N   
DHL1533B2N    DHL1533B3N   
DHL1533-1N 3MHz    DHL1533-2N 3MHz   
DHL1533-3N 3MHz    DHL1533A1BNC  
DHL1533A2BNC    DHL1533A3BNC   
DHL1533B1BNC    DHL1533B2BNC   
DHL1533B3BNC    DHL2633A1N   
DHL2633A2N    DHL2633A3N  
DHL2633B1N    DHL2633B2N   
DHL2633B3N    DHL2633A1BNC   
DHL2633A2BNC    DHL2633A3BNC  
DHL2633B1BNC    DHL2633B2BNC   
DHL2633B3BNC    DHL3533B1N   
DHL3533B2N   DHL3533B3N   
DHL3533B1BNC    DHL3533B2BNC   
DHL3533B3BNC    DHL4533B1N   
DHL4533B2N    DHL4533B3N   
DHL4533B4N    DHL4533B5N   
DHL4533B1BNC    DHL4533B2BNC   
DHL4533B3BNC   DHL4533B4BNC   


DOWNLOAD DATASHEET: Mobile Band-Reject Duplexers 136-520 MHz


Product features

  • Helical mobile duplexers
  • Band reject configuration
  • Semi-rigid coaxial cables are used to improve Tx to Rx isolation
  • Six helical resonators, housed in 6063-T6 aluminium cavities with alodine finishing
  • Standard connectors are BNC female. N female and TNC female available upon request



  • Digital and analog wireless radio, low power signal boosters, mobile full duplex radios, etc.


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