Transmitter combiners and receiver multicouplers

Developed to help to obtain maximum site performance for trunking sites, Fiplex standard product lines cover from between 25 MHz to 960 MHz, and feature special products which can cover up to 3GHz. Our products are used for interoperability solutions, P25 systems, including Mototrbo as well as TETRA systems throughout the world. The Fiplex line of Ceramic Combiners offer the system operator the highest performance for any combination of transmitters. Using cutting-edge technology, these combiners allow for a vast combination of equipment all at very compact sizes. Other technologies within our line of Combiners include Ferrite Cavities as well as Hybrid Ferrite Technology.

For reception solutions, Fiplex offers a broad line of Receive Multicouplers, which come standard with integrated pre-selectors, either single or multiple pass-band, thereby satisfying the strict requirement for multi-coupled reception filtering.



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