Digital Signal Boosters

The use of digital signal processing technology provides the traditional RF Signal Boosters with several features that increase their feature set and benefits:

  • built-in spectrum analyzers for a more efficient and simple system setup and operation,
  • uplink squelch capability compatible with analog and digital format per-channel and per-time slot; reducing the desense of the base station,
  • multiple different filter shapes selection in order to meet the requirements of different RF congested scenarios.



Echo Cancellation Signal Boosters

Thanks to Digital Signal Processing technology and state of the art firmware design, Fiplex Echo Cancellation Digital Signal Boosters feature an echo cancellation functionality, which allows for an easy and simple application of the Signal Boosters as outdoor signal extenders. Echo cancellation refers to the intelligent capability the digital repeater has to understand which received signals are “feedback signals” and cancels them out, preventing the system from going into an unstable operating condition, as well as providing the highest quality of continuous service due to the non-degradation of the amplified signals.




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