Broadcast products

Broadcast products

Fiplex has a complete line of products dedicated to providing solutions to traditional Broadcast, both FM and TV, and the new Digital TV market, capable of managing power of up to 50 Kilowatts.

Fiplex products are designed to meet the most demanding requirements of FM and TV systems, such as: high power handling capability, low insertion loss, high isolation between channels, and low group delay distortion. Frequency stability is one of the points where Fiplex products stand out, both due to the power management capabilities and to stability over long periods of time, allowing for reliable operation without the need for constant checks and periodic adjustments.



For analog TV and FM systems, our line boasts pass band filters, Star Point type combiners, Constant Impedance type filters, low pass filters and notch filters.

For Digital TV systems, Fiplex has developed passive devices such as mask filters, transmission combiners of either the constant impedance type or the Star Point type. All of these products are available in all global standards such as DVB-T/H, ATSC and ISDB-T/Tb.

Fiplex Gap Fillers are a perfect solution for improving coverage in Digital TV networks, as well as extension beyond the coverage of primary transmission stations. Relying on a highly selective digital filter and accommodating echo cancellation, Gap Fillers can achieve high levels of amplification and power output, with excellent linearity and low shoulders.




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