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Aeronautical Band Programmable Active Crystal Filters

Product features
* Crystal filter based filtering system, 25 KHz BW
* Software programmable tuning, 3.125 KHz steps
* Sharp filtering response
* Front end LNA included for low noise figure
* User adjustable gain
* High linearity
* Transmitter Bypass (TXBP) Module as optional
* N(f) to SMA(m) jumpers included, 1 ft, 2 pcs

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Transmitter Bypass

Product features
* PIN diode based switch, no mechanical parts
* Allows the use of the Fiplex Active Crystal Filter* (ACF) Series in a half duplex and simplex applications
* Low insertion loss
* High Tx/Rx isolation
* Small size
* Ready to be installed with Active Crystal Filters (DC and RF cable jumpers included)

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