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Public Safety Centric DAS

Product Features
* Digital signal processing based technology not “RF over Fiber”
* Field expandable
* No need of “Front End BDA” or “POI”, reduced infrastructure cost
* Fiber runs up to 25 miles (40 km)
* No fiber noise being transported to RF thanks to digital signal processing
* Programmable uplink squelch (per channel and time slot) for reduced UL noise contribution
* Software programmable channel selective or band selective operation, suitable for highly congested RF environments
* Centralized operation, single point of access
* AGC per channel and time slot, no Far End communication Degradation
* Same unit supports Over The Air (OTA) operation
* NFPA Compliant

* For P25 Ph1, P25 Ph2, DMR, TETRA, NXDN and Conventional Systems
* Indoor: tunnels, buildings, subways, airports, among others
* Outdoor: stadiums, canyons, dense urban areas, remote rural towns

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Broadband Low Power Splitters / Combiners • 50-960MHz

Fiplex DRS Series of low power splitters / combiners are broadband passive devices designed in a Wilkinson configuration. These broadband devices provide balanced power distribution in the 50 to 960 MHz range…

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VHF and UHF Band Pass Preselectors

Product features:
* Band-pass response
* Mid Q cavities
* 50W continuous handling power
* Four resonators
* High thermal stability
* Wide temperature range

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Band Pass – Band Reject Base Station Filters • 136-520 MHz

Fiplex FVN Series are versatile, single or dual cavities bandpass-bandreject filters. They are intended to “protect” the received signal from a jamming carrier…

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UHF Digital Signal Boosters • Class A

Specifications Type UHF Digital Signal Boosters Frequency range 450 – 512 MHz Datasheet BD315   Models DH430 DH430-004     DH430-005     DH430-010     DH430-011 DH430-016     DH430-017     DH430-022     DH430-023 DH430-028     DH430-029     DH430-034     DH430-035 DH430-040     DH430-041     DH430-046     DH430-047 DH430-052     DH430-053     DH430-058     DH430-059 DH430-064     DH430-065     DH430-070     DH430-071 DH430-076     DH430-077     DH430-082     DH430-083 DH430-088     DH430-089     DH430-094     DH430-095 DH430-097     DH430-098     DOWNLOAD DATASHEET: UHF Digital Signal Boosters   Product features Channel Selective, software programmable Fully digital signal boosters, FPGA based Auto diagnostic • Uplink squelch, per channel and per time slot User adjustable gain control, UL and DL independent, per channel Automatic Gain Control, per channel and per time slot Weatherproof enclosure, IP67/NEMA4X NFPA compliant Built-in spectrum analyzer   Applications For P25, TETRA, DMR, NXDN and Conventional systems Indoor coverage: tunnels and mobile fast-deploy communication units Outdoor coverage: oil rigs, stadiums, dense urban areas, rural areas, cliffs   For technical inquiries, please contact Fiplex technical support team. For quotes, please complete our form, or send us an email to...

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VHF and UHF Receiver Multicouplers

Product features
* A single stage low noise preamplifier ensures flat gain through all the band
* High compression point
* Low I.M. generation
* Standard models outputs are 4, 8, 16 and 24. Other outputs number and input preselector bandwidth are available upon request
* 220/110 VAC power supply, optional power supplies available upon request
* Optional SNMP remote control and monitoring

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