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Duplexers and Filters

Fiplex product line includes Duplexers, Filters, I.M. Control Panels and LNAs, which allow a high level of system optimization for the multicoupled trunking systems, improving coverage area, permitting a reduction of antennas and infrastructure, and most importantly allowing for a high level of service quality.

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Tower Mounted Amplifiers (TMA)

The product line manufactured by Fiplex for combining and optimizing trunking sites is designed to meet the most rigorous demands technically required and provide proper optimization of limited physical space.
For reception solutions, Fiplex offers a line of Tower Mounted Amplifiers (TMA), designed to be monolithic, robust, and very low profile. This allows their installation and operation in the most adverse conditions.

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Transmitter combiners and receiver multicouplers

Developed to help to obtain maximum site performance for trunking sites, Fiplex standard product lines cover from between 25 MHz to 960 MHz, and feature special products which can cover up to 3Gz.

Transmitter combiners
Receiver multicouplers

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Broadcast products

Fiplex has a complete line of products dedicated to providing solutions to traditional Broadcast, both FM and TV, and the new Digital TV market, capable of managing power of up to 50 Kilowatts…

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